Helping organisations meet their sustainability goals

The old way of life doesn’t work anymore. We need to do things that help our planet and the people on it.

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What we do

Aurora is a community that leverages technology to help people live more sustainably.

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We help organisations

When we saw the impact of our carbon footprint quiz on individuals, we realised the tool could be used to help organisations improve their sustainability.

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Start making changes

We believe organisations are a product of their people, so that’s where they can start making a real change.

How we can help

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Calculate your team’s footprint

While many companies, municipalities and other organisations do expensive analyses on their production processes, premises and infrastructure, they often forget about people as a key contribution to their overall carbon footprint.

Your aggregated results

Once an organisation knows the footprint of their people and what aspects they can improve on, endless opportunities to make strategic sustainable changes are opened up.

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How does it work?


Custom site for your team

We will provide a custom website where  your employees, citizens or members can take the quiz. You send the website address to your employees to do the quiz.


Get insights

We aggregate and analyse the quiz results data and provide key insights. The first step towards saving the planet is knowing your impact and how to reduce it.


Retake the quiz to see the effect

You can make organisational changes and then ask employees to retake the quiz by simply sending them to the same website. We can then provide a report on the changes and impact.


Share the result of the changes

All of this data can be communicated and published to inform customers, citizens and employees about the collective difference that small changes are making.


Where can you use these insights?

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Sustainability reporting

The quiz results and improvements over time based on initiatives like a work from home policy or meat-free canteen can be published in annual sustainability reporting.

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Sustainability goal progress

If you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint by a certain date, monitoring and improving the sustainability of your people is a key component of achieving this.


Company information

Quantifying the carbon footprint of your people can be the first step towards taking accountability for the impact that your company, organisation or municipality has on the planet.


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